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Affordable Pre-Owned Copy Machines

Reliability and affordability. These are the two major concerns most business people are thinking about when buying a copy machine for their office. Whether you need a big color copier or a small machine that only does black and white; with premium pre-owned copiers from Buckmaster Office Solutions, you get both of those needs met.

Increase Your Environmental Sustainability with MDS

The Managed Document Services (MDS) offered by Ricoh can provide a company with the tools needed to increase their environmental sustainability, which in turn, will have a positive impact on the company’s budget and expenses. The Ricoh services focus on three parts of the document management process: input, throughput, and output. In addition to reducing a company’s impact on

Gain Control of Your Printing Expenses with a Managed Print Services Program

A managed print services program offers a number of document solutions for your office. One of these programs can be used to keep your printing operations and expenses under control. They will allow you to see just how much your company is spending on printing services, which may be much more than you expect. A managed print service (MPS) can

Networking Solutions | Cloud Services

Today, more and more companies are making the switch to cloud services for their IT needs. As a networking solution, cloud computing offers several outstanding benefits for most companies. This is especially true for young companies who are putting out the major part of their capital, or companies with a large percentage of mobile employees.

Improving Productivity: Mobile Printing | IT Services

Until recently, printing was stuck in the age where you had to be right there, next to the printer, in order to get things done. You needed to stand by and make sure every little copy of a document went through and, sometimes, that meant walking back and forth around an office that maybe wasn’t

Beware of Toner Pirates that Offer Supplies for your Office Copiers

Recently, we circulated an email warning our customers about a common telemarketing scam that hustles employees into purchasing office supplies for their copiers and other office machines.  These kinds of scams are extremely profitable and have been tricking innocent people for a very long time. Here at Buckmaster Office Solutions, we want to protect your

Xythos EDM(Document Management and Collaboration for the Enterprise)

Xythos Enterprise Document Manager empowers distributed organizations to safely access, manage and share content over the web. With Xythos, organizations can easily scan, index, search and securely store any type of documents, collaborate around them using the latest Web 2.0 technology and manage them throughout their life-cycle.
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