Beware of Toner Pirates that Offer Supplies for your Office Copiers

Beware of Toner Pirates that Offer Supplies for your Office Copiers

Toner Fraud | Buckmaster Office SolutionsRecently, we circulated an email warning our customers about a common telemarketing scam that hustles employees into purchasing office supplies for their copiers and other office machines.  These kinds of scams are extremely profitable and have been tricking innocent people for a very long time.

Here at Buckmaster Office Solutions, we want to protect your business from scam artists that claim their products are genuine. These fraudulent salespeople prey on uninformed office staff personnel who, often unintentionally, provide sensitive company information to fake sales representatives who claim they provide cheap toner for the office copiers.

The key to surviving these scams is to talk to your employees about these con artists and the techniques they use. These fake vendors try to persuade customers to purchase toner before a price increase that they warn is approaching; however, the price they suggest is outrageously higher than the suggested list price. Be aware that these unethical vendors often represent themselves as your usual supplier when in reality we are not affiliated with them whatsoever.

We suggest that you pay close attention when placing your orders for supplies. Become familiar with your vendor and with the ordering process before authorizing any purchases. Do not give out any private information over the phone—your vendor should have records of this information. Ask plenty of questions, and if the price for toner seems abnormally high, make sure to state that.

When your order arrives, inspect your bills and shipments. Make sure that all items correspond to what you’ve ordered and match the prices. Not only will this ensure that you aren’t paying for materials that you didn’t order, but it will also help you become familiar with what your office orders, how much it costs, and when you receive an order each month.

Beware of unsolicited calls and watch for sales tactics that seem to pressure a sale even when you inform the person that you aren’t interested. Warn any employees who answer phones that if they receive a suspicious call, to never give out confidential information over the phone, and to report the phone call to authorized purchasing staff.

Sales representatives with Buckmaster are trained to identify themselves and to build lasting relationships. If the caller cannot answer basic questions about the company (like our address or telephone number) or does not claim to be an employee with our company, you should be suspicious.

If you are worried about any solicitation that you have received or require additional information regarding your equipment or supply purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately!