Gain Control of Your Printing Expenses with a Managed Print Services Program

Gain Control of Your Printing Expenses with a Managed Print Services Program

axstj-solutionimg_8130-stj2-1013-5944A managed print services program offers a number of document solutions for your office. One of these programs can be used to keep your printing operations and expenses under control. They will allow you to see just how much your company is spending on printing services, which may be much more than you expect.

A managed print service (MPS) can be used to operate a network of printers and copiers. It will help you maximize your output while assisting you with streamlining your printing process and reduce the overall cost of printing. Here are a few reasons why your business may want to invest in one of these programs:

  • A MPS program lets you get your costs under control, allowing you to reduce your printing and copying budget by removing unnecessary print jobs.
  • You can secure your print network by only allowing trusted individuals access to your devices. Mobile workers and guests can be given limited printing access.
  • A MPS program allows you to look at your print network as a whole and see where printers may be unnecessary or which offices have redundant equipment. Removing older printers can help you save electricity and reduce emissions. You may also identify several printers that take unusual or expensive ink or toner. Replacing them with devices that use the same as the rest of the office will also help save money.
  • This type of program also allows for some automation. It’s possible for the MPS administrator to deal with some printer problems, get supply requests, and meter printer and copier usage from one computer, allowing for more focus on core activities.

None of these changes will happen overnight. Instead, businesses that choose to integrate a MPS program into their print network will move through four different stages:

  • Assessment: determine the state of your network and what can be improved.
  • Design: create a new network that reduces costs while improving sustainability, productivity, and security.
  • Improvement: implement the designed office solutions to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Management: continue using the MPS program to identify problems and areas that may need ongoing improvement.