Improving Productivity: Mobile Printing | IT Services

Improving Productivity: Mobile Printing | IT Services

Mobile Printing | IT Services | Buckmaster Office SolutionsUntil recently, printing was stuck in the age where you had to be right there, next to the printer, in order to get things done. You needed to stand by and make sure every little copy of a document went through and, sometimes, that meant walking back and forth around an office that maybe wasn’t so easy to traverse. In addition, there was absolutely no way to print when you were off on a sales call or away from the office for some reason. But those times can be a thing of the past. Consider mobile printing.


Plenty of people are fine with printing from their desktop and laptop computers. Wireless networking solutions can sometimes make this painless. But other times, a better solution is needed. Handheld devices like smart phones and tablets don’t always easily print, but of course, that has seemed like the natural direction to go for years. Printers are often set up to connect to a local network and print from a computer that is connected through that, but handheld devices aren’t necessarily easily connected to that network. Most likely, you are attracted to mobile printing because you would like to print when you are off-site. So what are your options?


There are actually quite a few. At the heart of the problem are three basic requirements.


  1. You need a device that can make a wireless connection. This could be something that comes ready to go or it could be something that needs added software. In the case of a smartphone or tablet, of course, we’re talking about the “A” word: Apps!
  2. You need a connection. You need the appropriate connection between the device and, of course …
  3. The printer!


The most likely option for you is looking over the different software and IT services that are available and browsing the implications for choosing each one. For example, you may be committed to a particular printer because you have one you like and that is relatively new. But you may not be committed to a particular device operating system or type of connection. Because of this, you may be able to hone in on available services that are compatible with your printer. The reverse may be true if you haven’t purchased a printer but are married to your iPhone, Android tablet, or whatever it is you may want to use as the “mobile” part of your mobile printing solution. You may also need to consider many employees and whether a particular operating system might limit you in the future. Have you heard of “cloud” computing? Any time you are sharing things nowadays, like with mobile printing, this terminology will begin to come up. If you aren’t familiar with it, you may want to do a little research about cloud computing.


The main thing to make sure of before deciding anything is whether you see benefits to mobile printing and all the efficiencies that will arise because of it. There can be many. Faxing has gradually become considered old school in many offices, but there are still many situations where the idea of sending a printed document is ideal. So, rather than go back to the already ancient digital times, you can propel forward with mobile printing!

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