Increase Your Environmental Sustainability with MDS

Increase Your Environmental Sustainability with MDS

Increase Your Environmental Sustainability with MDSThe Managed Document Services (MDS) offered by Ricoh can provide a company with the tools needed to increase their environmental sustainability, which in turn, will have a positive impact on the company’s budget and expenses. The Ricoh services focus on three parts of the document management process: input, throughput, and output. In addition to reducing a company’s impact on the environment, these services will also help control costs, keep information secure, increase productivity, and more.

There are many reasons why businesses want to focus on environmental sustainability. The cost of resources is only increasing, so it only makes sense for businesses to look for ways of reducing their needs. Many people have also become concerned with how businesses impact the environment. By reducing their carbon footprint, companies are able to increase their reputation while at the same time meet various environmental regulations and qualify for different government environmental initiatives.

Using a Ricoh copier and implementing their MDS program can result in a number of savings for a company, including reducing the amount of energy a business needs to print and manage its documents. In fact, one study shows that over the course of five years, a Ricoh copier coupled with a MDS can lower the amount of energy used by almost three-fourths.

Many pieces of office equipment use more power than most people imagine, especially older equipment. That’s why many businesses see a decrease in their energy bills after they replace a large amount of older equipment. Ricoh copiers do more than simply use an auto-off timer or go into energy saver mode. Many of their products also have a green mode program that not only meets Energy Star requirements, but actually exceeds them, reducing both the power needed to run the machine and its carbon footprint. Implementing these machines can actually reduce a business’s impact on the environment by as much as 60 percent.

Ricoh itself practices what it preaches. The company has received recognition as a leader in sustainability. They continue to be dedicated to energy conversation, recycling, resource conservation, and pollution reduction and prevention.