Networking Solutions | Cloud Services

Networking Solutions | Cloud Services

Networking Solutions | Cloud ServicesToday, more and more companies are making the switch to cloud services for their IT needs. As a networking solution, cloud computing offers several outstanding benefits for most companies. This is especially true for young companies who are putting out the major part of their capital, or companies with a large percentage of mobile employees. However, cloud services can really benefit anyone’s network. Keep reading to learn how.

The main advantage to cloud computing that has been seen to date is in cost savings. When your infrastructure and software come as needed through the cloud, you don’t have to pay huge amounts up front for machines, technology, or software licensing fees. Many cloud service providers even offer pay-as-you-go or on demand packages. For startups, this means more capital can be invested into the development of the company instead of into machines and software.

For many businesses, the main draw of cloud computing is the speed and agility it offers. When you use the cloud, your work becomes instantly accessible, anytime and anywhere. This means not only are you able to better monitor your projects, but quick deployment and delivery are a snap. Documents or software can be delivered to a client anywhere around the world at the stroke of a key. Your system is available and ready to go as soon as you are and at any time your client needs you.

The true network solution offered by cloud computing is the way it improves worker productivity within the network. This is especially true for mobile or freelance workers, who often bring their own devices. Cloud computing adapts to different devices and software instantly and seamlessly, without effort or frustration on your end. Your workers are simply required to provide their contribution, no matter what time zone they are in, no matter where they are, and no matter the sort of device on which they are working. The cloud takes care of the rest. There is a decreased need for tech support, while your company sees an increase in flexibility and collaboration. Businesses are able to use the cloud to easily globalize their workforce, which increases productivity and reduces costs.

Cloud services also offer simplicity to a sometimes complex IT system. The cloud can be one stop for back-ups, downloads, collaborative projects, file storage, and more. It works offsite or onsite, easily, in a streamlined process reducing the chance of errors. Businesses no longer have to perform tasks such as encrypting files, which cloud services provide routinely. Everything is integrated automatically and work moves forward with fewer headaches.

Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) offers companies a portal to cloud computing directly through their office copier. Using a Ricoh or Lanier MFP, users have full access to any cloud service they choose, increasing document efficiency. Using the MFP to access the cloud is one smart way to reduce technology costs and unneeded extra steps when scanning, storing or transmitting documents. With ICE, everything cloud computing can offer is in one easily accessible place in your office.

Not every company has made the leap to cloud services for their networking solutions yet. The main issue holding some businesses back seems to be concern about security in the cloud, and at this time that may still be valid for businesses whose information is highly guarded. However for most companies, the benefits to cloud computing will far outweigh any risks, and cloud services are improving every day. This is simply the way we are going to work in the future, and that’s good for business.